STACK is a multi-partner loyalty platform that brings all your reward points together, on an single platform that is powered by OCBC.

With STACK, you can easily track and exchange your rewards points across the participating rewards programmes in real-time. You can also pay for deals on the STACK Marketplace using your rewards points or Credit and Debit Card.

Rewards should never be difficult or complicated. Register/Login for your STACK account today - membership is free! Start STACK-ing your joy with us!

Our Awesome Partners


The OCBC$ Rewards programme, Travel$ Rewards programme and OCBC VOYAGE programme reward you as you spend on eligible OCBC credit cards. 


The Robinsons$ Rewards programme takes shopping to the next level by rewarding you with Robinsons$ when you spend on your OCBC Robinsons Group Visa Card.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts

My Millennium is Millennium Hotels and Resorts global guest recognition and reward programme. My Millennium is a way of rewarding you every time you stay at over 100 participating hotels in the world. As a My Millennium member, you'll earn exclusive My Points and get to enjoy rewards that will help you make the most of each moment.


UPGREAT is the official rewards programme from Great Eastern. It is an all-in-one rewards platform that allows you to enjoy dining, lifestyle and shopping rewards.

Exchange Rates

Find out how your various rewards points stack, as well as exchange rules across the various participating rewards programmes.

Rates indicated in the below tables are for reference purposes. There may be slight variations in calculations using the points exchange tool due to decimal places handling.

Alternatively, you may also use our Points Exchange tool to automatically calculate the exchanges across the different programmes (you need to have 2 or more eligible programmes)!

OCBC$ Rewards

Not applicable
Not applicable
Yes, for all points exchange transactions.

Minimum Fees: 135 OCBC$
Maximum Fees: 2,702 OCBC$
Exchange Rates for 1 OCBC$ =
0.21264367 VOYAGE Miles
0.69811320 Robinsons$
0.37000000 UPGREAT Points
0.53623188 My Points (My Millennium)


Not applicable
Not applicable

Yes, for all points exchange transactions.
Minimum Fees: 28 VOYAGE Miles
Maximum Fees: 574 VOYAGE Miles
Exchange Rates for 1 VOYAGE Mile =
Not applicable OCBC$
3.28301887 Robinsons$
1.74000000 UPGREAT Points
2.52173913 My Points (My Millennium)

Robinsons$ Rewards

Not applicable
Not applicable
Yes, for all points exchange transactions.

Minimum Fees: 94 Robinsons$
Maximum Fees: 1,886 Robinsons$
Exchange Rates for 1 Robinsons$ =
Not applicable OCBC$
0.30459770 VOYAGE Miles
0.52999999 UPGREAT Points
0.76811594 My Points (My Millennium)


Not applicable
In blocks of 100
Yes, for all points exchange transactions.

Minimum Fees: 50 UPGREAT Points
Maximum Fees: 1,000 UPGREAT Points
Exchange Rates for 1 UPGREAT Point =
Not applicable OCBC$
0.57471264 VOYAGE Miles
1.88679245 Robinsons$
1.44927536 My Points (My Millennium)

My Millennium

My Points
Not applicable
Not applicable
Yes, for all points exchange transactions.

Minimum Fees: 73 My Points
Maximum Fees: 1,470 My Points
Exchange Rates for 1 My Point =
Not applicable OCBC$
0.39655172 VOYAGE Miles
1.30188679 Robinsons$
0.68999999 UPGREAT Points

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1     What is STACK?

    STACK is a multi-partner loyalty platform that brings all your rewards points together, on a single platform that is powered by OCBC. The platform allows you to add the various participating rewards partner programmes to a single portal (STACK). Through this portal (STACK), you can keep track of your multiple passwords, rewards points balances, expiry dates and redemption history.

    With STACK, you decide which rewards points you want to combine and convert, with easy reference to our rewards points exchange table or points exchange tool. You have the flexibility to combine different rewards points from various rewards programmes to your programme of choice with a simple click. Rewards Points are converted in real-time and can be easily tracked via the portal (STACK).

    On top of rewards points, STACK has its very own STACK Marketplace – where you get exclusive access to an exciting catalogue of deals and rewards. Payment by rewards points or a valid credit or debit card is accepted.

  • 2     Who can be a STACK member?

    Everyone with a valid Singapore registered mobile number!

    If you wish to perform rewards points exchange from one rewards programme to another, you have to be a member of at least 2 of our participating rewards partner programmes. If you wish to redeem any deals and rewards on the STACK Marketplace, you do have to be a member of at least one of our participating loyalty partner programmes.

  • 3     Are there any joining fees to become a STACK member?

    Registering for STACK is free! There is no membership fee. Sign up now here.

  • 4     Does STACK have its own STACK Rewards Points?

    No, STACK brings different rewards partner programmes into one common platform. The rewards points that you can use on STACK are the points issued by these participating rewards programmes (limited to those that you have added to your STACK account).

  • 5     How long does it take to exchange the points from one programme to another programme?

    Points exchange is real-time.

    Note: This is barring any unforeseen circumstances, for example network down or timeout at point of request or processing.

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